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Running Form - Should You Change?

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Running Form - Should You Change?

Let me start by welcoming Collin Trent to this site. I have known Collin for a long time and have always recognized him to be an active individual. He has played soccer for many years, been involved in weight training, exercise and overall wellness in general. Most recently, Collin has been a very consistent runner. He has posted some great times in half and full marathons and has experimented with his running style, form, and footwear. I’d like to thank Collin for helping write this guest post and answer some of my (and your) questions. Thank you, Collin.

I’d like to know your thoughts about running in general. Have you always been a "runner"?

When did you start competing in races?

Tell us about your running form. How has it evolved over the years?

What brought on this line of questioning, when you seemed to be doing pretty well running just as you were?

What is “minimalist running”?

So, how did you start to change your style?

Did it hurt to run barefoot?

Have you ever tried “minimalist” shoes?

Have you ever been coached in your form to help improve your technique?

What has been your experience with running injuries?

With this new style or form change of sorts, did you make a footwear change? If so, how has that affected your running?

What are your thoughts on changing form and/or footwear for other runners out there?

What would you recommend to the readers and other recreational or competitive runners?

Great stuff, Collin! Thanks for taking the time to give us your insight and hopefully learn from your knowledge and experience.

Next post I will get into common running injuries, imbalances, and what you can do for yourself.

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