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Blood Flow Restriction Training Online Videos

BFR Training Module 1 - Introduction

Discussing the agenda and introduction for Blood Flow Restriction Training online with My Performance Rehab

BFR Training Module 2 - Background and History

Discuss the history & evolution of Blood Flow Restriction (BFR), including the advantages and limitations listed in the current evidence.

BFR Training Module 3 - Mechanisms & Mechanics

Understand the mechanics and physiology of BFR - the science behind “how it works”.

BFR Training Module 4 - Safety

Understand the elements that make BFR safe, how to utilize BFR in a safe manner, the considerations of special populations, along with contraindications and precautions of use.

BFR Training Module 5 - Effectiveness & Efficacy

Learn how BFR is effective (and what effectiveness actually means) in both local and systemic responses throughout numerous populations and demographics

BFR Training Module 6 - Strength & Conditioning Principles 

Learn the Application of BFR with understanding the underlying principles and how to utilize fatigue

BFR Training Module 7 - Best Practices 

How to use BFR and protocols to enhance clinical and training performance

BFR Training Module 8 - Summary 

Synthesizing the current literature and troubleshooting the most common questions regarding BFR

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After you submit this form, a Post-Course Test will be emailed - you must pass this test with a score of 70% or better to receive CEU Certificate of Completion