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BFR Product Info

* The safest BFR product on the market with the patented BStrongTM system technology that is virtually incapable of occluding blood flow to a limb when used properly.

* Industry leading versatility, comfort, hygiene, and durability with anti-microbial and marine-grade materials

* Specially designed hand pump and pneumatic gauge for the most accurate measurements possible.

* App with inflation recommendations for each band size, as well as individual age/health/training considerations to ensure safe, effective and consistent application.

* Made in the USA

* Designed and packaged to be affordable for both medical & fitness professionals, as well as personal utilization.

* Comfort and function built into the design - width and elasticity to allow natural motion and any exercise to be performed: squat, run, jump, cycle, even swim!

* Unprecedented durability - is being used by the military, professional sports organizations, universities, clinical and hospital organizations